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Who We Are

Brazos Civic Orchestra (BCO) is a community orchestra made up of musicians who have a passion for music, who enjoy making music together and the good company of other members, and who wish to share excellent music with our local community. We feel our lives and those our audiences are enhanced by being involved in the orchestra as the BCO provides a much-needed source of symphonic music in the Bryan/College Station area.

BCO was formed by a violinist, Wolfgang Verdegaal, who wanted an ensemble in which to play, and a conductor, Joe Daigle, who wanted an orchestra to direct. The idea quickly, organically, grew from a handful of interested friends and friends of friends to a full orchestra in a few months, and in the Fall of 2017 the BCO's first concert was performed within one year of its founding.

The BCO presents a free, public concert twice a year and is always open to new members to join and volunteers to help the organization. We are currently finalizing our non-profit status application.

Brazos Civic Orchestra Board

The Brazos Civic Orchestra Board was established to support and guide the Brazos Civic Orchestra members and endeavors and to help ensure its longevity as a staple in our community.

2019 Brazos Civic Orchestra Board:


Bronius Motekaitis

Vice President

Jacob Pokora


Jennifer Weaver


Katelyn Bailey

Voting Members

Sarah Campbell

Amy Palma

Amy Persyn

Lori Proudfoot

Eric Harris

Michael Hlavinka

James Johnson

Wes Murphy

Douglas F. Wunneburger

Artistic Director

Joseph Daigle


Wolfgang Verdegaal

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